Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reading to Your Child & Homemade Curriculum Idea from book, BEDTIME FOR FRANCES

5 Spiritual Reasons to Read to Your Child shared here: Women Living Well

She talks about children's ability to "organize, sequence and clearly express their thoughts" that comes through being read to..I think of my "sticky notes & story books" idea of keeping kiddos engaged and aware through interaction with the book. Today is curriculum day..gonna do a quick kitchen clean-up, then spend a few hours on curriculum..

Here is a curriculum idea I have already implemented:

I try to organize all my PLAY TRAYS according to Maria Montessori's basic categories of 1) Practical Life, 2) Culture, 3) Sensorial, & 4) Language..keeps things focused & simple

PRACTICAL LIFE PLAY TRAY from Bedtime for Frances by Russell Hoban, pictures by Garth Williams
1) I cut out pictures from the book (I chose 9)
2) mounted them to construction paper
3) laminated them
4) hole punched & looped with ribbon
5) bought a 9 pack of mini suction cup hooks from Dollar Tree
6) suctioned hooks on a metal cookie sheet, also from Dollar Tree
* PURPOSE: Children sequence pictures by hanging on hooks
~ helps children understand being afraid & how to both conquer & find comfort (find a fear not verse in the Bible to go to)
~ sequencing helps child understand steps & solution
~ hooking provides small motor work

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