Monday, July 9, 2012

Notes: SuperBaby #1

Notes: SuperBaby
1. Zone of moderate challenge (to be explained later)
2. Reaching potential = environment, experiences & relationships 
3. All babies are individuals with preferences, thought and feelings 
4. "Say what you see" - A. tell child what i am gonna do B. Tell her what i expect C. Narrate her experiences D. Prepare her for transitions E. Give choices - 2 acceptable choices when possible F. Acknowledge her desire
5. Parent = guide & coach 
6. Communication : A. Verbal B. Nonverbal C. Listening D. Modeling 
7. A. Ask for help instead of demanding B. "as soon as you.." instead of "we are not.." 
8. Sing transition songs 
9.Instead of "no": A. distract and redirect B. Offer choices C. Validate desire without granting request 
10. Toddler-ese : A. Short phrases B. Lots of repetition C. Mirroring 1/3 of her emotions with tone & gestures
11. Motivation: Internal versus External: A. Thank instead of Praise, B. Encourage (unconditional) instead of Praise (conditional), C. Focus on Process (promotes the purpose over the product, D. Use "You" statements describing what she did, E. Use "I" statement describing how I feel about what she did

12. Human Interaction is the essence of a baby's environment

13. Allow for silent and alone times interspersed with activity and togetherness.

14. Emotional Intelligence = A. Who am I?, B. What am I feeling? C. Identify & Manage Emotions in Relation to Others

15. Personality style is how she organizes her attributes, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviors, and coping mechanisms

16. Learn personality traits by rating:
A. Activity Level, B. Rhythmicity of bodily functions, C. Approach or Withdrawal, D. Adaptability, E. Sensory threshold, F. Quality of Mood: ie. upbeat or serious G. Intensity of reactions, H. Distractability, I. Persistence & Attention Span
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