Monday, July 2, 2012

Bonding Times with Kiddos

 I love finding ways to bond with my kids. 

Chillin' over coffee watching vintage Disney on youtube or driving around blaring Broadway musicals at the top of our lungs is Lissie's, 18, and my idea of fun. And I am excited about hangin' out with her in the college halls, my old stompin' grounds starting in the fall. I am her Disneyland mom. Yep, it's fun being both sissy and "mommy"!

The other day Christopher, 17, and I cooked together. He has become our new Mexican MeatMarket aficionado - choosing and cooking up a variety of fresh, marinated meats. Like his daddy, he loves meat and convinced us of the need to use the Mexican Market as our primary source for meat. I am so glad: it is just slightly more expensive and so much fresher that Wal-mart.

I was laying down for my afternoon siesta this past week and Kaylin, 21, came in and laid down next to me. We watched PBS kids, which is like comfort food to the eyes & ears for me & Kaylin. Shows like Clifford & Arthur are havens of good memories. And according to Kaylin, we learn from these shows, which cracked me up coming from a 21 year old!

Today has been a lazy day, actually fighting an upper respiratory bug. Emily, 13, has spent a lot of time with me and we have been catching up on episodes of Grimm on Hulu. Em loves undivided time with me, and sharing stories and shows with vampires, half human-half animals, ghosts and the like are the fun and spooky bonding we like.
In addition, country music with Kaylin and Emily and movies and swim time with all my kids, these are together times with my kiddos and me!
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  1. Your son sounds like quite the chef. Walmart meat is pretty sad. Wish we had a Mexican Market!

    1. Yes, Christopher turns the kitchen into his science lab for experimenting with's fun to see his enthusiasm!!!


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