Monday, August 27, 2012

Warriors Crookedstar's Promise Chapters 10-15 ~ Relationships

Relationships are the core of the Clan's life. Crookedpaw and his brother have such a sweet, unconditionally loving bond. Crookedpaw's mom is still cold to her son, as she has been since he was injured. Crookedpaw's mentors have their own ways of training and Crookedpaw has to see which way works best for him. Then there is the battles between the clans which we see a lot of in these five the Riverclan is defeated trying to take back Sunningrocks and as they are victorious in retrieving the babies that had been taken from them. 

This gets me to thinking about my relationships. As an introvert, I really love, love time alone, time with my husband, and time home. Just last night, a spur of the moment dinner opportunity came up and I just was not prepared mentally to spend a couple of hours with people I hardly knew. Another conversation yesterday left me agreeing to things that I wasn't comfortable with - simply because I am afraid to say no and disappoint.

From Riverclan's example, I am becoming more and more aware that relationships vary, we are not supposed to be happy social butterflies with everyone and jump on every bandwagon of ministry. Our most important relationship is with Jesus, staying close to him so we can hear his plan for us each minute. As a wife and mom, my family comes next. The plans laid out for each of us are widely different. As we stay in the Word and pliable in his hand, we will know what to do.  

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