Monday, August 13, 2012

Warriors Crookedstar's Promise, prologue - chapter 5

Warriors Crookedstar's Promise by Erin Hunter

Prologue through Chapter 5

I am loving this story. Although, as I was just flipping through the front of it right now, I realized that if I would have made myself familiar with the map and the description of the characters that the author places at the beginning, it would have made my understanding so much better. I will get better acquainted with that before I continue reading.

I love the bonds they have as a clan. It is very sad that Stormkit's mom rejects him after his accident, and I am so hoping this will be reversed later in the story. So love Oakkit's devotion to his brother. Before the accident, Stormkit was always the leader, very proud of himself and very firm on being the greatest warrior. Yet, through it all, Oakkit has been right by Stormkit's side, devoted and not envious, and even when Stormkit becomes Crookedkit due to an accident, Oakkit is still by his brother's side, admiring him.

Makes me think of how we are to be with each other as people. No matter if someone is being proud or ugly or unkind, we need to see the good in each other and remember that we have our moments of grumpiness too..

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